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Welcome to Refresh My Heart, a healing ministry! I am delighted that you have stopped by. I have a God-given passion to serve women who have found themselves in cycles of relationships that have left them broken hearted or even that one failed relationship that just keeps eating away at the heart. I too know very well what that feels like but more importantly I have experienced the joy of healing. My journey has led me to develop "Refresh My Heart.”  This is a place of encouragement for those who may have just started the healing process, those on their healing journey or any who want to avoid the many pitfalls in relationships. It is my sincere desire to see women of all ages, races and backgrounds, be transformed, set free and refreshed through Christ!

My sweet sister, let me tell you, there are so many aspects of dealing with this heart of ours. And just when we think we have it down pat, we realize it is more to this heart than we know or can grasp in our own strength. Just know that you are not here by accident, neither are you here alone. You will get through this!  Oh! And by the way, as you are refreshed, you will also be able to refresh others!



My name is Jacqueline, but you can call me Jacque! I am a wife, mother, mentor and board-certified Christian counselor who finds great joy in refreshing others. I have worked as a registered nurse as my career calling but my true spiritual calling is to encourage those who are brokenhearted particularly in intimate relationships and just can't seem to move forward. I know you may feel like the pain will never end and sometimes you may feel like you're going to die but the pain WILL end, and you WILL live. I've been there more times than I want to admit but having experienced the joy of healing, I feel it is my mission to share the key to that joy with others.  I healed and you can too. 


In 2002, I became a widow with six children, five school-aged at home and one in college, after my husband passed away due to a car accident. God provided me with what I needed to raise my children and was always by my side. Six years later I remarried a wonderful godly man, Regi, who loves me and my children. With our blended family, we have eleven children together with two in heaven.

I can think of several refreshing things. Sipping on a hot cup of lemon ginger tea with honey, jumping into a pool on a hot summer day, and sitting on a porch swing, feeling the cool breeze blowing ever so gently on my face. These things are so refreshing to me. But what is more refreshing than ANYTHING is a soothing word to refresh my weary soul.  My mother use to say, “If you haven’t gone through anything yet, just keep waking up in the morning.” We all need our hearts refreshed whether we want to admit it or not. God has sent refreshment through His Word and people who love Him. And yes! You guessed it! I am one of those people! I have great expectations and you should too that you will receive the refreshment your heart has been longing for. I will forewarn you; doubt will try to overtake what God wants to do in your life, telling you that things will never change. Sister, I encourage you to open your heart to receive the truth of God's Word through these teachings and dismiss anything that will tell you otherwise. I'm in your corner!

May your heart always be REFRESHED!


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Using the tools from the study guide, 6 lessons to Heal a Broken Heart, I was able to forgive and walk in freedom and joy!


These lessons were so convenient and applicable for me as a busy woman to complete in my quiet time.  They really spoke to my heart. 


The videos along with the lessons allowed me to open my heart and mind to a sacred space where I was able to experience oneness with God. 

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